In today’s fast changing business environment it is increasingly rare to see business relationships that last. Companies change vendors continuously as they seek out that which will provide them with what they need and what they have asked for.

At Apremise Consulting we are pleased to say that contrary to that trend our client retention rate is exceptional and is one of the highest in the industry. We are proud of how we have earned this reputation – the old fashion way – with great service before during and after the sale.

The evidence is clear from our first meeting in how we do business with the client. We begin with a specific understanding of the client’s business needs and their culture and the strategic objectives. We then assign dedicated resources to ensure total client satisfaction

When it comes to recruiting we take a similar approach. Rather than trying to find warm bodies we take the time to make sure our consultants fully meet the client’s expectations. This includes personal evaluation of the consultant’s skills to ensure that they have the required technical capabilities. Additionally we make sure that the consultant fits the company culture which can be critical to the overall success of the engagement.

With our geographic dispersion we can respond globally to you with face to face meetings in your location. This face to face is an important part of who we are and why we are successful in our engagements.